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We offer a wide variety of outdoor services to meet all of your landscape needs.

Consultation, Site Assessment, Design, Installation, Renovation 
From Hardscapes to Softscapes to Maintenance our experienced team is ready to help.We are familiar with an array of hardscape design concepts and will integrate functional and appealing elements into your landscape design.

Bio-Friendly, safe for fish, pets, and children                
Weekly - Maintain levels of algae     Seasonally -Apply fungicides, Manual work to keep the water clear and free from debris Service pond aerators and waterfall pumps.

It’s vital to the ecosystems in the valley that we exercise noxious weed control. Noxious weeds are non-native species that steal resources from native species and have the potential to destroy the valley’s natural vegetation communities.

We are proud to offer comprehensive lawn maintenance services Spring through Fall. Our complete set of services allows us to assess, treat and maintain your lawn to keep it healthy and looking great year after year. 

Gardening is one of our favorite parts of the job at Bushongs because whether its spring, summer, or fall, nature has something special to offer us every season. We are happy to provide homeowners with our comprehensive Fine Gardening Services which allows us to do it all, from concept and design to planting and maintenance. We use our knowledge and experience to design and plant softscapes to meet your needs. During the planning phase, we take into consideration your vision, the site, and the surrounding natural landscape to create designs best fit for you and your home. We offer season-long maintenance services for your flower beds, containers, planters, trees, and shrubs.

Bushong has years of experience installing both simple and complex sprinkler systems. We can help you discover the perfect solution for your property, whether you’re starting from scratch, adding to an existing system, or upgrading an older system, we have you covered. We offer Spring start-up, asses and make repairs, update systems, evaluate system to check for efficiency and ensure your lawn is receiving the coverage it needs.

Living in a remote area such as ours has many benefits and one of the greatest advantages is the abundance of wildlife we encounter regularly. Although we welcome the wildlife,we want to prevent them from destroying the trees and shrubs at your home.  As wildlife migrate in the fall, your landscape will look like a good meal especially the soft bark of young trees. To prevent extensive damage, we put up temporary fencing around your landscape to keep it protected.






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